Humboldt Redwood

Anawalt Lumber is proud to offer top-quality Humboldt Redwood decking and fencing to our customers. Naturally strong, naturally beautiful Humboldt Redwood is the ideal choice for outdoor living projects large and small.

Humboldt Redwood Decking

Humboldt Redwood decking materials require less time, materials, and labor to build with than some other decking materials, saving time and money during installation. For example, Humboldt Redwood decking can span up to 24” on center from joist to joist, other materials may only span 16” and in some cases only 12”. That’s like building a deck under your deck. Read more About Humboldt Redwood and see for yourself why homeowners and contractors alike love working with this amazing, natural wood.

Humboldt Redwood Fencing

Humboldt Redwood fencing is one of the most popular fencing options available. While the strength and durability of Humboldt Redwood are legendary, it is also lightweight and easy-to-work with. Available in several dimensions and lengths, Humboldt Redwood is a versatile, long-lasting option for your next fencing project.

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