About Humboldt Redwood

Humboldt Redwood is a superior-quality brand of redwood lumber products for decking, fencing, landscaping and other outdoor living applications. Humboldt Redwood features performance characteristics not readily found in alternative materials.

Natural Beauty

Nothing quite compares to the warmth, color, and character of Humboldt Redwood. The rich red and creamy yellow tones of genuine Humboldt Redwood can instantly warm up a simple yard or ordinary landscape. And, homeowners, contractors, architects, and landscape professionals love how naturally Humboldt Redwood blends with outdoor environments.

Natural Strength and Durability

Humboldt Redwood features shear strength up to five times greater than other decking materials. That is important for a number of reasons – first and foremost is structural stability. In addition, Humboldt Redwood possesses superior dimensional stability and is less likely to warp, split, cup, or check than other decking materials.

Environmentally Responsible

Humboldt Redwood products are sourced from environmentally responsible forestlands in Northern California. The company owns over 200,000 acres of coast redwood and Douglas-fir forestlands in Humboldt County that are certified sustainable. The company also owns manufacturing and distribution operations consisting of a sawmill in Scotia, California and distribution centers in Woodland and Fontana, California.

Why Choose Humboldt Redwood?

There are many great reasons why Humboldt Redwood is an excellent choice for your next deck, fence, or other outdoor living project. Learn more by downloading the free, Humboldt Redwood Guidebook for Natural Outdoor Living.

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