Sustainable Redwood Forestry

For over twenty years, there has been increased awareness of sustainable redwood forestry practices and the ways in which these safeguard our environment. Sustainable redwood forestry practices ensure clean air, fresh water, and natural habitat for plants and animals are maintained for future generations. For local communities in Northern California, sustainable redwood forestlands also provide good jobs and a solid foundation for the local economy.

What’s more, according to recent life cycle assessments, redwood has a positive impact on the environment throughout its life. That’s because instead of emitting carbon, redwood stores it. From forest to mill to your home, Humboldt Redwood is one of the most energy-efficient building materials available. And when it’s done providing strength and natural beauty to your home, it goes back to the earth to nurture future growth.

Today, the majority of California’s privately owned redwood forestlands are certified as responsibly managed by third-party certifiers. In addition, all managed forests are subject to the state of California’s strict regulations for forestry. For a comparison of California forestry regulations and third-party certification programs, please review this helpful California Forestry Regulations report. We also encourage you to learn more About Humboldt Redwood and why it is such a great choice for outdoor living projects.

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